Canva elements tutorial: Canva keywords to find amazing hidden canva images, elements and more

hello and welcome to the live stream whether you are joining live with me now or if you’re catching us on the replay so i’m super excited to present today’s live stream today i’m walking you through another canva tutorial and specifically i’m looking at canva element keywords so specific keywords that you can use in canva to find some really beautiful standout stunning elements so you can use across all of your different designs one of the one of the biggest things that people tell me all the time about canberra is that they love using it but they don’t know what they don’t know they don’t know what to find because there’s so much stuff in it so in this tutorial i’m walking you through my top 20 20 favorites um or special element keywords so that you can figure out so you can use them for yourself so it’s going to be a great one all right so for those of you who don’t know me my name is sarah newan and i help you build your business using video on social media with ease now whether you are joining live with me now or if you’re catching the replay if you have any questions please either drop them in the chat or in the comments and i’ll answer them at the end of the live stream or after afterwards so let’s get cracking as usual everything that i talk about will i’ll put the links to them in the description and i’m really excited so i love canva if you check out the link in the description you i have a special link where you can get canva pros or the paid version of canva free for 45 days so the usual trial is 30 days but through my link you get 45 days so an extra 15 days to use all of the paid elements for free so make sure that you check that out so that’s a cool little thing so i’m really really excited big fan of canva confetti party love what they offer um now let’s get right into it i’m going to go straight into over to my computer now and what we’re going to do is we’re going to walk you through all of my favorite keywords now the first keyword that i really love and you’ll be able to access all of these keywords and use them within canva on the left hand side here in the elements tab right so this one that you see that i’m hovering over here so the first keyword that i really love to use to bring up some really stunning designs is brush stroke right and when you bring up brush brush blush brush stroke you can see what we get here so we get lots of really beautiful brushes and this helps you add stunning um you know elements to your design and it helps you fill the page one of the biggest problems people have with canva and with designing and not necessarily with canva is that you know the page looks empty so how can you feel it you can fill it with abstract elements you can fill it with a brush stroke like this and you know you get some really nice you know effects as you can see there so brush stroke is one um and when you you know look up brush stroke you can see all these beautiful beautiful brush strokes like you’ve got this one that i added here and you’ve got like these ones here and they actually are more than just vectors they they kind of look like these you know real life 3d ish type brush strokes the other keyword that i like that’s kind of within this brushstroke realm is brushstroke gold and metallic this is one of my favorite ones right so as you can see here you get this beautiful gold look because gold’s always in i don’t care what people say gold doesn’t go out of fashion gold is always there it’s always one of those colors that’s neutral that looks beautiful you know regardless of which whatever it’s on and then you’ll be able to come up use all of these beautiful ones plus you also get these beautiful rose gold ones too like how stunning is that right so you can just you know play around with the add them to your designs um really gorgeous right so the first keyword that i really love is brush stroke and then you can add to that using a brush stroke gold metallic all right so the next oh yeah so another little tip that i have here so let’s just say that you found um you know a bunch of gold metallic ones or whatever designs that you love when you hover over them you’ll see they’ve got these three dots right so they’ve got these three dots here and if you click on that you can go to see more like this so let’s just say i really love this gold brush stroke um if i click on see more like this it will bring up more that i specifically like that design um for you right so so it kind of helps you with that search process because they’ve got so many elements within their um actual design so that’s a little hint for you there now the second keyword that i love and recommend is glitter so what comes up when i search glitter i love this keyword because once again it’s about giving you beautiful things that help fill your page and as you saw from my confetti thing before i’m a big fan of glitter you know it’s it’s nice to add to you know a bit of a background um i love the i love the look of it i love it once again it’s quite neutral and you’ve got all different types of glitter styles that can really help you fill the page and so beautiful and so easy right and it’s simple and it makes you look like you’ve spent all this time putting all the elements on the page but really it’s just a really great keyword to find elements for now once again with um this one of the things that you can do when you are searching for a keyword is see as i typed glitter what you see here is suggested so this gives you an idea of even more keywords for you to search for so there’s glitter there’s pink glitter gold glitter silver glitter so use the suggested searches and that will help you build out um finding all your favorite keywords as well right so you don’t have to have all the answers canvas are constantly helping you find more and more of this of the designs within the canva um design systems for one of a better word so let’s go to keyword number three so keyword number three is gradients now i love gradients see i don’t have to type all of it it comes up for me so i’m going to put ingredients and i like gradients for a couple of reasons right they take out the effort of trying to make um colors come together and they make it really easy so i’m going to choose this gradient here and the thing that you can see here is yes this is this beautiful pink and purple combination but if i click on the elements i can change them to suit my own color palette so i can make it be you know whatever colors that i need so you can always adjust the gradient to be what you want and it’s just a quick way of doing it if you were to figure this out in photoshop it’s a lot more clicks right but gradient here is a great keyword because once again it gives you this element that you know can help you fill the page create a beautiful background really really easily now with that said another one of my favorite gradient keywords is gradient overlay and with gradient overlay once again it just gives you a bit more of um you know you get these gradients but these are just different elements that have you know this gradient feel to them and they’re composed in different ways right so once again another idea and another gradient keyword is gradient frame and this one i really like as well once again it’s just giving you just ideas of things that you can do and this one let’s click this one as you can see here it’s just this you know this cute little style of elements that you can use so use gradients gradient overlay gradient frame and you’ve got stunning you know things that you can start working with keyword number five is character so let me walk you through this one a little bit one of the things that people may not realize about canva is that it not only has beautiful you know um squares and circles and stuff like that but if you type character what you actually get is people right so you have people you have completely built people but you’ve also got these you know um like faces right and so you can add these faces of a character and then you can search for their eyes right so at the moment let’s just say that i want to create an actual um character a female character so i found i’ve scrolled through and there’s lots of ones without faces and i’ve chosen this one and you’re like that’s great but she has no eyes then you can just search eyes right and then you can find the appropriate eyes and then add them to the design so this is going to look a little bit creepy but um you know you can start to kind of see that how you can use canva to actually not just create you can actually build illustrations you can actually build um characters and people so you go ahead and you know add the eyes um it’s starting to come together there she’s starting to look a little less creepy then you can add the nose and the mouth as you can see here um all of these things are possible within canvas so you can actually build out um she’s still looking a little bit creepy but she’s getting there right you can build out characters in canvas so people may not be aware but you can search for characters you can add eyes you can build like a whole person or personality using canvas so really really love that now um the sixth key word is watercolor i love watercolor and you can spell it in the english spelling of watercolor or the american spelling i’m going to spell it in the um uk english because that’s the system that i use so watercolor when you type up watercolor you can see all of these beautiful painted elements right um and they they come in all sorts of things so they come in like abstract type of watercolor blobs these are great for um you know filling the page once again or just adding to your design but you’ve also got watercolor painted things so this look at this one this is a watercolor painted forest so to speak so you look at that immediately you’ve got these beautiful elements that you can use and the watercolor element to it means it’s not just a vector right so it gives you that other like texture it gives you that other dimension to your design so this is one of my favorite elements to use because it’s so stunning so i may look at watercolor um let’s see coffee right so that wasn’t a great one um but you can you can find like look at this watercolor fruit right all sorts of things in the water watercolor treatment um there’s a croissant here there’s a watercolor croissant here that like there’s just so many stunning things and it just makes your design a little bit different right options you know there’s so many options i haven’t found my coffee yet i know there’s a coffee in there somewhere but as you can see there’s heaps and heaps of um elements that you can use within this watercolor keyword and you just keep building it out so keyword number seven i think it’s like an extension of watercolor so i love the fact that you know it’s painted it’s hand done and now with the keyword number seven is hand drawn so let’s go hand drawn i love hand drawn some of the watercolor things are here but you get in theory like hand drawn elements like beautiful designs like this look how nice that is to fill the page then you get like squibbly type of things like these abstracty like hand-drawn elements here once again adds that extra dimension to your actual designs and it kind of makes them stand out so it’s not all just vectors it’s not all just you know um circles and squares so hand drawn is another one of my favorite ones and i just think they’re really cute you know there’s something about hand drawn there’s something about having elements that are not necessarily straight out vectors that i really really love so keyword number oh i duplicated that one so keyword number nine in the wrong order is abstract scribble i think this is another extension and let’s look at what we get when we type in ab i can’t spell this i’m just going to copy and paste this so you don’t watch me spell okay abstract scribble i liked abstract scribble once again like the hand drawn element these are really nice things that can help you fill up the page right so i look at this i look how cute that is like just throwing that on the page and it’s you know with not with all of them but with some of them you can go in and then you can change the colors of the actual element some of them you kind of just stuck with the colors that they have but a lot of them you can actually change them as you can see there’s some more magic recommendations here so you just get really gorgeous elements that help you fill up the page and then you can scroll here and you can see there’s just these like nice little things and that you can just add to fill the page that you can add to the background that you can add to kind of you know create that extra um depth to the page so as i love using magic recommendations um i just think it’s a great way of finding more and more things um that allows you to help canva find more actual designs so keyword i’m all over the place with my keywords today i’ve duplicated that one as well so the next one that we’re going to go through is leaf frame leaf frame no that’s not it leaf leaf frame okay so leave frame is another one of my favorite keywords because look at this look how gorgeous these little leafy things are once again once you like start to add them here they can easily fill the page so let’s do this one yeah look at that like that starts to fill the page immediately you’ve got like this elegant element that already fills a page and you can just add you know text around it and it’s an easy way to fill the page and create a design it’s a really great um element to use and look at all the beautiful leaf designs you’ve got like these square components here you’ve got these circular ones here so so so gorgeous now let’s look at the next one i’m all over the place monoline elements let’s look at monoline elements now this one was one that i really liked because it was kind of an extension of the frames monoline elements was one that i found and i liked it because it was elegant right and you got these beautiful lines right so you got these beautiful lines um and there’s i think some beauty in simplicity so you’ve got these triangles here we’ve got this hectagony thing here all of these stunning stunning lines that can help you fill the page right and monoline elements was just one that i was searching for things for and then i saw all of these components and i was just like stunning i have to share them with you guys now so let’s look at the next one positive quotes so people think that within canva it’s all just um you know shapes it’s all just graphics but you actually get words as well so beautiful combination words so let’s look up positive quotes so when we type in positive quotes we get these pre-made really stunning um you know uh quotes and these are really great for your instagram stories your instagram posts your facebook posts and i just think how cool is that so they’re kind of like these really well done stickers and look at them look at look at how much variety you get now for most of these you can change the color you unfortunately can’t change the text because they’re already pre-composed um but i really really love it so um positive quotes is another one and they are just so many of them and so many gorgeous ones that you can use once again look at that you know people may think oh man wow she put in all that effort to find all of these characters when it’s like no boom i just searched positive quotes and put it on the page and created a social media graphic so it’s another one of my really easy ones to use and one of my favorite keywords positive quotes now the next one is psycho geometry so this is for all of my spiritual woo-woo friends sacred geometry i was really excited to find this one because if you use creative market if you use any of these other paid uh graphic um services sake of geometry cost you money for each one but within canva you’ve got such beautiful geometry pieces here’s recommendations that you can just use and then look at that look how stunning they all are once again filling the page really intricate designs making you look like you are way better of a designer than you actually are and just sophisticated beautiful sacred geometries like the possibilities with sacred geometry just endless whether you use it to um you know solely as a single piece of design or whether you use it in the background or components of it love it one of my favorite ones sacred geometry so the next one that i have is abstract right so i talked about using different components of the design to fill the background or to just fill the page and then when we type abstract you can see there’s all types of different abstract elements here and these help you once again bulk out the page these help you have not just so much white space if you’re looking to you know fill it out and i love abstract because it’s just got these blobby things and they kind of just go with everything right so regardless of what you actually are looking to do they kind of can just work with so many things the other combination is abstract pattern this also comes you know brings up beautiful beautiful things that help you fill the page um abstract shape was another one that i really liked as well so all these abstract-y things we like abstract um comes up with all of this stuff and a variation of abstract shape that i liked was organic shape right so we’ve got this abstract shape let’s look up organic shape [Music] see and now we’ve got all these nice little organic shapes that are slightly different so they’re not so jagged they’re a little bit you know a bit more flowy for one of a better word so let’s look at the next design element and that’s sparkle sparkle i like sparkle it’s kind of a variation on glitter but you just get really cute little elements that you can um start to use and how cool is that i just like the simplicity of it i just like how cute they are so that’s why i added it in there um and then we have okay so this is one of an interesting one i’m always looking for things that are you know a little bit on trend you know things that are really popular right now and scandinavian background was an interesting one because you got all of these really cool little you know forest wood forest type of elements and there’s the reindeer the christmas type of theme but i liked how like they’re just really you know like that scandy type of ikea-ish type of feel is what you got from scandinavian backgrounds so how cool is that how cool of an element is that and now photo frame so photo frame is another one let’s look up photo frame because you got like this polaroid type of um components that you can use and you can put pictures underneath them there’s magic recommendations so if you click magic recommendations you’ll be able to see all that you know canva recommend for you so photo frame so many different things that you can use and then you can you know add your images on top or underneath them depending on which elements that they actually are it’s another really great keyword to use and that’s wrapping us up shortly so another popular thing that seems to constantly come in and out is neon so when you type neon you get all sorts of neon elements so you can drill deeper and go neon you know i love heart neon word or whatever it is so neon’s a great one to use and it’s very on trend right now you can see all of the neon elements that you can use to add oh um into your actual design and then retro retro is a kind of kind of an extension on that as well so retro we’ve got the old uh cassette tapes for people who are even old enough to to know what a cassette tape is and you’ve got like the cassette tape player um and all different types of things so it’s one of you know my favorite ones because it makes me a little bit nostalgic and um yeah so really excited about sharing this one and just man just this brings back a couple of good memories you know of the past like look at the the old style tv i remember having one of those back in the day now this then brings us to the last keyword um before we get to questions and this isn’t really a keyword but this when you go within canva you’ll be able to see that a lot of the designs have brands associated with them so what does that mean so i’ve typed this particular brand here and i’m going to paste in search right and this is a particular um designer so these are all of this designers brand this design has elements and when i click on it you’ll see you’ll see here it says it names the element wave organic abstract shape vector view more designs by masala digital right so this brand number here is actually all of the the designs from this actual designer so if you like the particular you know style or feel of it and you click on the actual element you can click on view more by this designer and this will bring up their brand so it will bring up all of the elements that they’ve created and released within canva and typically they’ll have the same look they’ll have the same feel so then you can use them to build out your design so that’s a nice little hack that um you know you’ll be able to use as well so that wraps up my keywords um i think there was more or less more than 20 but we’re going to go with 20 for now because i clearly can’t count um but these were my favorite ones i’m going to jump back over to the um questions let’s just see what we’ve got um okay all right so we’ve got a question from if i can add it um can these be used commercially so um i’m going to put a link in the description to canvas use of these elements um every time i ask canva about clarifying whether or not we can use these commercially it’s very gray when i did a tutorial on canva prints t-shirt prints i had the same question and i asked them can we use these designs that we create on canva and all of these elements and then use them on t-shirts and then sell these t-shirts and they said that the onus is on you as the user to make sure that you can use these elements commercially from my interpretation and my understanding is yes you can but i’ll put a link in the actual description to their very unclear terms and conditions when it comes to commercial use but from my understanding yes so when it comes to like logos so one of the things that you can do within canva is you can create logos and a question that i get asked all the time particularly on that canva tutorial is can i use this logo commercially and the answer is yes but can you trademark it well no you won’t be able to trademark it because you’re using elements that are you know not unique they’re part of these type of um you know common commonly used things so you won’t be able to trademark it but you can use it um to just just you know it’s this really gray type of area in terms of whether or not you can use it commercially but from my interpretation yes i i feel that you can use them commercially let’s check out some of the other questions and comments i’m glad i tuned in i’ve been searching canva today i’m really glad that um you know hopefully this has been able to help you there are so many elements in canva i think they’ve got i’m making up a number now hundreds of thousands of elements so i tried to bring out the ones that i use i tried to bring out the ones that i think help you make designs beautifully really quickly so hopefully that you’ve you guys have found um this to be um relics i’m really helpful um jackie jacqueline um thanks been great tonight i’m really you know glad to have you guys here um tech maniac hey bradley good to see you on the live stream um bradley is a up-and-coming youtuber from tasmania so go check out his channel he’s got a great a great little channel there so i’m super excited really grateful to um you know present this to you guys today hopefully um we had a lot of fun as you can see i had a couple of issues with my counting of all of the elements but you’ve got so many different elements i’m going to go back and put the time stamps in so you have all of these different ones to use within your designs so um with that said if you found this video useful please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already where i do lots more canva tutorials social media tutorials live live streaming tutorials all sorts of training to help you grow your business on social media with ease um and if you haven’t already got a copy of it make sure you grab a copy of my social media checklist so i show you how to get up and running on all of the major social media platforms even if you’ve never like you know gone on social before so it gets you up and running on them so you can start leveraging the power of social to start building your business to start growing your audience with ease so um that basically wraps up today’s live stream had a blast as usual thanks everyone for joining me um always great to be here enjoy the rest of your day and i will see you on the next livestream bye for now